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What is the electronic register?

Welcome to the Biblioteca Nacional de España electronic register

The BNE electronic register enables any documentation to be submitted by register to the BNE in the same way as they are submitted in person at the register office.

Every day, 24 hrs/day

It enables users to submit register entries to the Biblioteca Nacional 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without needing to go there in person or to any other government register.

What do I need?

An electronic signature, i.e., a digital certificate, through which you can identify yourself as securely as if you were submitting a document in person. All the information on digital identity, digital certificates or how to obtain a certificate can be accessed at security and certification.

What documents can I submit?

The register accepts:

ISSN application The ISSN is an internationally recognised code for identifying serial publications. Any entity involved in the publication, production, marketing, distribution, processing, dissemination and use of serial publications can apply for an ISSN.

Donation: This enables any natural or legal person to contribute to enriching the assets deposited in the BNE.

Complaints and suggestions: Complaints and suggestions addressed to the Biblioteca Nacional de España.

Other applications, communications and documents: Any application, document or communication addressed to the BNE, other than those above.