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Privacy policy

The BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL DE ESPAÑA wishes to inform the users and contacts of its web page and electronic headquarters (hereinafter, web page), about the policy it applies to processing and protecting personal data of those persons who voluntarily use the website forms or e-mail addresses to contact the BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL DE ESPAÑA, and use any of the services on its website which involve supplying their personal details.

1. Identification of the Entity responsible for the file

The BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL DE ESPAÑA, holder of Tax Identification Code (C.I.F.) Q2828005E, belonging to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, State Secretariat for Culture, informs its web page users that there are several automated files containing personal data for which the BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL DE ESPAÑA , with registered address in Paseo de Recoletos, number 20-22, 28071-Madrid, is entirely responsible, and where the personal data supplied by users and customers of the BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL DE ESPAÑA (hereinafter, BNE) are collected and stored.

2. Policy updates

The BNE, with no forewarning, will modify this privacy policy whenever necessary to comply with any changes in legal, regulatory, jurisprudential or administrative requirements, or in order to adapt said policy to instructions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency or for any legitimate purpose of the BNE. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any amendment of this policy will be published and notified on the BNE web page and in the policy itself. BNE, therefore, recommends that users periodically read these policies in order to keep abreast of any changes.

3. Purpose of the file

Users only provide the BNE with their personal details through its web page on a voluntary basis when they use the forms provided by the Library in order to contact the BNE, register to access specific information of interest to them, or contact the BNE by e-mail, given that these contact systems inevitably and implicit involve processing of the data. In these cases and those described in below, the Library informs its website uses that their data is processed for the following purposes: To engage in tasks required for drawing up estimates or providing BNE services requested or applied for by the interested party, as well as receiving and answering communications received and maintaining contact records.

4. Consent

The BNE informs users that this privacy policy contains all aspects of personal data processing performed by the BNE as the entity responsible for doing so. Therefore, when users that have no established relationship with the BNE send an e-mail or a communication to the BNE containing other personal details, said users are giving their free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent for the BNE to process their personal data for the purposes stipulated above, for their messages to be read or documentation sent. 

For the same effects and purposes, the BNE informs users that if they send an e-mail or communicate their personal data to the BNE due to their position in a company (director, manager, representative or any other position as contact person within the company), said communication will be understood to grant free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent for their personal data to be processed by the BNE for the purposes stipulated above, for their messages to be read or documentation sent.

5. Identification of the recipients to which the BNE may transfer third party data or give access to the same

The BNE only anticipates transferring or communicating data it is required to process, pursuant to article 11.2.c. of Organic Law 15/99, the Personal Data Protection Act (hereinafter, LOPD), to meet its obligation to the Public Administration whenever required to do so by current legislation on any matter at any time and, if applicable, to other authorities such as Judges, the Attorney General's Office, the Court of Accounts or the Ombudsman and the state security forces. 

The BNE likewise advises users that they will be notified of any other data transfer it may have to make under the provisions of the LOPD, expressly, precisely and unequivocally informing them of the recipient of the information, the purpose for which the data have been transferred and the nature of the data thus processed, or if so established in LOPD provisions, the Library will request users' unequivocal, specific, informed consent. More specifically, they give their consent for the BNE to transfer, if applicable, the data submitted to other organisations related to the Library in order to offer information about their services.

Nevertheless, the BNE informs users that any processing of personal data is subject to current legislation in Spain on data protection provided for in the LOPD and in its supplementary and implementing regulations. Hence, the BNE is only responsible and guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data requested from users through the web page and; it is not liability for the processing and subsequent use of the personal data by third-party information society service providers accessing said data in the pursuit of their services or in the exercise of their activity. 

Third-party information society service providers are understood to include, but are not limited to, individuals or companies that provide the following services: a) Transmission of data provided by the service recipients over a communications network. b) Access services to said network. c) Data warehousing or hosting services d) Content or information supply. Likewise, the BNE will not be held responsible for data processed by third parties establishing hyperlinks with the BNE, nor for those processed by parties responsible for sites to which BNE users are directed through hyperlinks on its site.

6. Data quality

The BNE warns users that in the absence of a legally executed power of attorney, no user may use the identity of another person nor communicate their personal data. Therefore, users should at all times be aware that they can only submit the details pertaining to their own personal identity, and said details must be suitable, pertinent, up to date, exact and true. For these effects and purposes, the user will be solely liable for any damages caused directly or indirectly to third parties or to the BNE by the use of another person's details or their own personal details when these are false, incorrect, out of date, unsuitable or improper. Likewise, user's using the personal details of a third party, will be answerable to the latter for information obligations established in article 5.4 of the LOPD when personal data have not been gathered from the party themselves and/or for the consequences of not having informed them.

7. Exercise of the rights to access, oppose, rectify and cancel data

The BNE informs users that they may exercise their rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending a written request to the BNE at the following address: Paseo de Recoletos, number 20-22, 28071-Madrid, or by calling the following number: 91 580 78 00.

8. Use of forms for collecting personal data by the BNE

The BNE includes several paragraphs on the data collection forms indicating all the conditions for processing personal data in compliance with article 5 of the LOPD, such as the mandatory or voluntary nature of answering questions, the consequences of obtaining the data or the refusal to supply them, the purposes for which they are gathered, the possible transfers that may be made, and their consent for personal data to be processed.

9. Security measures adopted in relation to personal data processing

The BNE informs users that, in compliance with the provisions of the LOPD and of Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December 2007  approving the regulations implementing Organic Law 15/1999, the Personal Data Protection Act, it has implemented the technical and organisational measures required to guarantee the security of personal data and to prevent alteration, loss, non-authorised processing of or access to the same, given the scope of modern technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed. The BNE likewise guarantees users that it complies with its professional secrecy obligations with regard to their personal data and its duty to safeguard the same.