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What is donation?

Donations are a free way for libraries to expand their existing collections. The BNE accepts donations of all types of documents. However, it cannot accept all of them due to its acquisitions policy and the need to ensure the sustainability of all its processes.

Preferred donations

  • Documents of all types, published or produced in Spain, that do not appear in its catalogue. Please note that some documents do not appear in the catalogue until a certain time after they are published due to the administrative procedures of the legal deposit.
  • Documents of all types published outside Spain the subject of which is Spanish and Latin American culture, excluding literary works (novels, stories, poetry) by foreign authors.
  • Handwritten or typed documents and personal archives from prominent figures in current Spanish or Latin American culture, after assessment of their interest by the Library Acquisitions Committee.
  • Periodical publications which complete already existing collections.
  • Collections or individual numbers of printed periodical publications or those published in Spain whose titles do not appear in its catalogue.


How to make a donation

Before making a donation, check that the work is not already in the Library’s online catalogue. If it is not, fill in the form and wait for the Library to respond. This should take no longer than 30 days. If you wish to donate a graphic work, ensure that you fill in the specific fields for this type of donation in the “Donativo de gráfica” tab.

Procedures and services