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ISSN application

What is an ISSN application?

The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is an internationally recognised code for identifying serial publications. The ISSN identifies the serial publication to which it is associated with no ambiguities or errors.

The ISSN is an eight-digit number (the last of which is a control digit) and it has no other meaning than the identification of the serial publication: It does not contain prefixes that indicate the country of publication or the publisher.

The ISSN is inextricably associated with the title of the serial publication and a change in title would imply a change in ISSN. While the remains unchanged the ISSN is maintained and should be printed on each copy, volume or issue of the serial publication it identifies.

How to apply for an ISSN

Any entity involved in the publication, production, marketing, distribution, processing, dissemination and use of periodicals can request an ISSN: Publishers, printers, distributors, subscription agencies, bookshops, libraries, documentation centres, indexation and abstract services, by means of an application form.

In order to provide an electronic signature, you need to have a digital certificate and fulfil a series of technical requirements .

Procedures and services