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Document reproduction

What is document reproduction?

The Biblioteca Nacional offers a document copying service facilitating access to and dissemination of information and the contents of the heritage collections in its care.

The Biblioteca Nacional de España provides copies of its works for private use by the requesting person or entity. If the work is not subject to copyright, the public use of the images in the public domain from the Biblioteca Nacional de España is free and does not require prior authorisation. It is only necessary to cite the source of the reproduced work as belonging to the holdings of the Biblioteca Nacional de España: “Image taken from the holdings of the Biblioteca Nacional de España”.

How to apply for copies of documents

In order to be able to use the asset copying service, you must fill out the application form; in order to expedite replies to applications, applicants are advised to provide the maximum data possible.

Once the application has been received, the Biblioteca Nacional will prepare an estimate in line with current public prices. When the Banco de España has confirmed that payment has been received, the copies will be made.

Application for copies of documents

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Further information about applying for copies of documents

How to apply

How do I apply?
Enquire about copying documents

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Technical requirements

Technical requirements

Copying Service Office (ongoing applications)      91 580 78 91

Telephone call lines for information on document copying

     New applications
     91 580 77 36

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