Verification of electronic signature and certificates

According to article 16.1 of the Royal Decree 203/2021, of 30 March, approving the regulations and functioning of the public sector by electronic means all electronic headquarters will develop a system of verification of the certificates of headquarters, which will be accessible free of direct and free of charge.

To this end, the Ministry of the Presidency provides the Valide platform through which you can verify the validity of the Biblioteca Nacional de España electronic headquarters certificate online and free of charge.

Headquarters certificates are useful for ensuring that communications with the public are made through a secure channel with a recognised public office, and prevent malicious intrusion by third parties.

To meet this requirement, and within the framework of European Union directives, the Government of Spain has approved a set of legislative measures, such as the Electronic Signature Actthe Royal Decree on the electronic National Identity Document, in order to create instruments capable of accrediting the identity of the parties in electronic communications and to assure the source and the integrity of the messages exchanged.