Technical requirements

General requirements

Identification with Cl@ve

This page will conduct the identification of user through the platform Cl@ve. You will be redirected to your system of validation of identity, to facilitate various means of authentication:

  • Electronic certificates (including DNI-e)
  • Permanent Cl@ve

    Password system validity lasting peace in the time, but not unlimited, aimed at fliers. Corresponds to the system of access with a user name and password to Social security. Further information

Signature in the electronic site

To refer your request will need to perform the signing of the form of the electronic site.

  • Signing certificate on your computer or in your browser.

    Allows you to sign through electronic identity card or a digital certificate installed on your device or recognized browser by any certification authorities. Further information


It is essential to have installed Self-signature on your computer.

You can consult the specific requirements in the download manuals.

Technical Requirements


For an Optimal user experience recommended an Internet connection with a bandwidth equal to or exceeding 10 Mbps and low latency.


  • Windows: Microsoft Internet Explorer and 11 above, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (Latest versions).
  • Linux: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • MacOS X: Apple's Safari, Google Chrome (Recommended for signatures with certificate).
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